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Jonathan K.  (Scott Palmerton)  singer/songwriter (1983-Present)

Founding member and still frontman of Q5. Grew up in a musical family.  He is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jonathan has performed in a number of legendary NW bands such as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Rail, Mercenary and The Core, where he met Floyd Rose. When The Core broke up they began a recording project and formed a new band. This joining of musical ideas and talents became Q5.  


Floyd Rose, lead guitar/songwriter/producer 1983-1989, 

Floyd - not yet a household name - was originally from Reno, Nevada but had been living in Seattle for several years and was playing in a  a band called The Core. The Core needed a singer and Jonathan K. was tapped. The Core was a well known local band that only played original songs, usually supporting local cover bands in bars, a concept that was continued when he and Jonathan K. formed Q5 and new material was showcased to a live audience.  Floyd currently manufactures the Floyd Rose Tremelo System  as well as a signature guitar line and is known to fan's and  musicians  worldwide.

Rick Pierce   Lead guitar 1983-2017

Rick was a member of legendary NW band TKO when tapped to play guitar alongside Floyd Rose in Q5. Rick was instrumental in many aspects of songwriting and live shows. When Q5 splintered in 1989 he and Q5 frontman Jonathan K. Formed a separate band called Nightshade and recorded 3 albums in the 1990's, The Dead of Night-men of iron and Stand and Be True.  In the early 2000's the band returned to the Q5 name and Pierce played number one lead guitar until retiring in 2017 to form The Rick Pierce Group.

Evan Sheeley    Bass/Keyboards   1983-1989  //  2003-2019

Evan "Mr. E" Sheeley  Is recognized as one of the premier bass players in the country. Playing bass with NW legends TKO, he  was asked by Rose and Palmerton to play bass on some demo tapes. He agreed and then left TKO for Q5 formally. After the breakup of Q5 1, he toured with Randy Hanson's Jimi Hendrix Experience and was owner of the largest retail bass store on the West coast.  He performed on all three Q5 albums and toured extensively with the band from 2003 until  2019, when he retired. 

Gary Thompson  Drums  1983-1989

Gary Thompson was the youngest member of Q5. Jonathan K. had done an earlier recording with Gary and Adam Brenner (Adam Bomb)  and remembered this incredibly dynamic drummer. Rose and Jonathan K. paid a visit one night at a local club that was featuring TKO, which at the time also had Evan Sheeley on Bass and Rick Pierce on guitar, and the rest is history. Thompson plays on the first two Q5 albums and helped engineer When the Mirror Cracks along with Floyd Rose. After the breakup of Q5 1,  Gary leaned into recording and sound engineering and played drums for many NW luminaries including Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. He currently still records, engineers and creates videos for musicians.

Rick Pierce     LeaRiid Guitar 1983-2017  

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